Impact and Fate of biomass burningImpact and Fate of biomass burningand wildfire-produced atmospheric particlesin the Mediterraenan watersusing Carbon stable isotopes, radiocarbon dating and modeling

- Objective 1: Anhydrosugar and PAH concentrations monitoring over a 2−year periodin 3 specific offshore coastal sites in the North Western Mediterranean Sea (NW Med. Sea).Understanding the seasonal dynamics of BB−compounds (PAHs and anhydrosugars) willhelp to establish/improve local carbon budgets to coastal areas with respect to CO2 emissions.

- Objective 2: Anhydrosugar specific isotope measurements (δ13C, Δ14C) of HMW−DOM andmarine sediments. Understanding the fate of anhydrosugars in the marine environment is ofcritical importance in order to establish the link between BB−particles and BCP.

- Objective 3: Biodegradation experiments under controlled laboratory conditions usinganhydrosugar standards under the presence of marine bacteria. These experiments will provideimportant knowledge on the short−term dynamics (biodegradation within few days) and thus,on the fate of anhydrosugars in the marine environment.

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Participants au sein du CEFREM : Philippe Kerhervé, Bruno Charriere, Christophe Menniti et Christine Sotin 


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