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Cefrem, Université de Perpignan

52, av. Paul Alduy
66860, Perpignan cedex, France

33 (0)4 68 66 20 59

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Contribution of underwater gliders to study hydro-sedimentary processes in the coastal zone.

The Gulf of Lions is an ecologically rich region, but impacted by many pressures. River floods bring a large amount of natural materials and contaminants to the coast, which are redistributed across the continental shelf by marine storms. The coastline, which is home to more than 40% of the population of the Occitan region and a strong summer tourist activity, is subject to significant releases of organic matter and contaminants. All these contributions make the Gulf of Lions coastal zone a changing environment requiring increased monitoring for its preservation and sustainable management. This thesis project proposes to monitor the dynamics and fate of materials from the coast to the open sea, using new autonomous submarine drones. Applications include turbidity monitoring, material export to deep ecosystems and the impact of hydro-meteorological events.

Keywords : Coastal oceanography - Glider - Hydrodynamic - Storms - Particulates fluxes

Supervisors: François Bourrin, Xavier Durrieu de Madron


- Physical oceanography fieldwork (20 h)

- Geophysical fieldwork (15 h)

- Mapping, GIS (10 h)


Gentil, M., Floc’h, F., Meunier, T., Ruiz-Angulo, A., Roudaut, G., Perrot, Y., Lebourges-Dhaussy, A. (2021), Internal solitary waves on the NW African shelf: A heuristic approach to localize diapycnal mixing hotspots, Continental Shelf Research, doi:

Gentil, M.; Many, G.; Durrieu de Madron, X.; Cauchy, P.; Pairaud, I.; Testor, P.; Verney, R.; Bourrin, F. Glider-based Active Acoustic Monitoring of Currents and Turbidity in the Coastal Zone. Remote Sens. 2020, 12, 2875.

Communications orales

Gentil, M., Bourrin, F., Durrieu de Madron, X., Estournel, C. Glider observations of sediment resuspension during storm conditions. European Geosciences Union, Vienna, Austria 2021 (PICO presentation).

M. Gentil, G. Many, F. Bourrin, P. Cauchy, X. Durrieu de Madron. 2019. "Coastal current estimates from Glider mounted ADCP." Everyone's Gliding Observatories Meeting, Rutgers University, New Jersey, (USA).



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