Maria-Angela Bassetti


CEFREM, Université de Perpignan

52, av. Paul Alduy
66860, Perpignan cedex, France

33 (0)4 68 66 1747




I am a geologist and I obtained her PhD in Sedimentology at the University of Bologna (Italy). Since then I have been collaborating with research fellows from several Italian universities and with other research teams in the European Research Area. The main research topic has been focused over several years on stratigraphic and sedimentologic study of upper Miocene deposits related to Miocene Salinity Crisis over the Mediterranean Sea as a consequence of its isolation from the Atlantic ocean and desiccation. My main research topic is now focused on marine geology, exploring research fields such as the sea-level changes and their paleoclimatic and paleo-environmental implications, using a multi-proxy approach (carbonate microfossil assemblages-ostracods and benthic foraminifera-geochemical sediment composition) at different time scales.

I currently have several major research interests: Holocene and Pleistocene climate changes in the Mediterranean area. In the Holocene time, I study the ultra-high resolution deltaic sequences (mainly in the Rhone area) that allows a very detailed reconstruction of climate conditions and also detecting the imprint of major “catastrophic” events, such as storms and floods in the shallow water deposits. Besides the Mediterranean I focus my research on the late Pleistocene variability of the monsoon in Asia and Australia, based on the study of sequences recovered during the IODP Expeditions 346 and 356, and on the impact of changes in thermo-haline circulation in the deposition of contourites in the Guyana margin.

Participiation in National and International Projects (last 2 years)

PaleoMex-Mistrals – INSU-CNRS (


ActionMarges -INSU-CNRS

IODP Exp 346 Asian Monsoon

IODP Exp 356 (Indonesian Throughflow,

Ocean forcing of Iberian Precipitation variability and Marine Ecosystem Response to Anthropogenic CO2  (, University of Barcelona (I. Cacho)




Undergraduate (Licence): Paleontology (L1/L2), Methods in Geosciences (L1), Sedimentology (L2)

Graduate (Master): Field Training (M2), Paleoclimatology (M2), Mediterranean Geology and Paleoceanography (M1)


Selected publications (last 4 years)

Tallobre C, Giresse P., Bassetti , MA, Loncke L., Bayon G., Buscil R., Tudryn A., Zaragosi S.(2019), Formation and evolution of glauconite in the Demerara Contourite Depositional system related to NADW circulation changes during late Quaternary (French Guiana), Journal of South American Earth Sciences, sous-presse

Angue Minto'O C.M., Da Silva Jacinto R., Bassetti M.A., Jouet G. (2018) Paleo-depths reconstruction of the last 550,000 years based on the transfer function on recent and Quaternary benthic foraminifers of the East Corsica margin, Comptes Rendus Geoscience,

Huang H.H.M., Yasuhara M., Iwatani H., Alvarez-Zarikian C.A., Bassetti M.A., Sagawa T. (2018). Benthic biotic response to climate change over the last 700,000 years in a deep marginal sea: ostracode assemblages from the Sea of Japan. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology,

Gallagher S., Sagawa T., Henderson A., Saavedra-Pellittero M., De Vleeschouwer D., Black H., Itaki T., Toucanne S., Bassetti M.A., Clemens S., Anderson W., Alvarez-Zarikian C., Tada R. (2018).    Paleoceanography and monsoonal history of the Japan Sea over the last 460,000 years. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology,

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Cossa D., Fanget A.S., Chiffoleau J.F., Bassetti M.A.,  Buscail R., Dennielou B., Briggs K., Arnaud M., Guédron S., Berné S. (2017), Chronology of anthropogenic trace elements accumulation in the Rhone Delta sediments (Northwestern Mediterranean) during last 400 years. Progress in Oceanography,

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