Philippe Kerhervé


Dr, Enseignant-Chercheur UPVD

Section 37 CNU

CEFREM, Université de Perpignan

52, avenue Paul Alduy
66860, Perpignan Cedex, France

Tel  :    33 (0)4 68 66 22 07
Fax :    33 (0)4 68 66 20 96

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  • Research activities:

Transfer and fate of the particulate organic material (POM) and microplastics (MPs) in a coastal zone from sources (rivers, surface ocean, melting freshawaters of glaciers) to deposition areas (prodelta, continental shelf, sub-marine canyons, deep basins and fjords).

  • Objectives:

- to define the origine and nature of the POM and MPs
- to determine the distribution and fate of POM and MPs

- to assess the role of floods, storms, and dense water cascading in the transfer of the terrestrial material.

  • Analytic tools:

- Elemental (OC%, N%) and isotopic (d13C et d15N) analyzes by EA-IR/MS (Isoprime)
- biochemical analyses: total/hydrosoluble sugars, proteins, lipids

  • Study areas:

- The Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean Sea)

- Kongsfjorden or "Kings Bay" (Svalbard, Norway)

  • Strategy and scientific frameworks:

My strategy is based on a simulteous sampling within all the compartments making up the continental margin (rivers, prodeltas, continental shelf, sub-marine canyons). This strategy allows to follow the distribution of the terrestrial material in the ocean and to study the effect of extrem meteo-climatic (strong oceanic and continental winds, rainfall) and hydrologic events (floods, dense shelf-water cascading) on the transfer of this material.

This implies a survey on:
- five small Mediterranean coastal rivers (Têt, Agly, Aude, Orb, Hérault) as well as the largest Mediterranean river (Rhône). ANR CHACCRA, MOOSE-MISTRALS.
- the Rhodanian prodelta (ANR CHACCRA)
- the Lacaze-Duthiers and Creus Canyons (Prog. Europ. HERMES  et HERMIONE)
- the deep basin (1000-2500m) (Prog. Europ. SESAME, HERMES, HERMIONE)

- the melting and turbid freshawaters from tidal glaciers in the Kongsfjorden, an Arctic fjord (ANR ECOTAB, EC2CO/IPEV ESCOFAR)


  • Thesis supervision

- Mel CONSTANT (Thèse MRT, Oct.2015-2018): "Sources and fate of microplastics in a Mediterranean coastal environment: case of the Gulf of Lions"

- Marion STABOLZ (Thèse MRT, defended on the 05/12/2013. "Impact of dense water formations on particulate organic matter dynamics: Application to the Gulf of Lions margin")
- Marina HIGUERAS (Thèse MRT, defended on the 01/07/2014. "Impact of an eastern storm on the transfer of particulate organic matter into the Gulf of Lions (NW Meditterranean Sea". 

  • Collaborations:

- GRCGeociències Marines (Univ. Barcelona): Miquel CANALS, Toni CALAFAT, Anna SANCHEZ-VIDAL

- MIO (Univ. Marseille-Luminy): Richard SEMPERE, Jean-François RONTANI, Christos PANAGIOTOPOULOS

- LOB/LECOB (Univ. Paris6/Banyuls): Audrey PRUSKY, François CHARLES

- LSCE (Gif/Yvette): Christophe RABOUILLE

- BIAF (Univ. Angers): Christophe FONTANIER

- CEREGE (Univ. Aix-Marseille): Olivier RADAKOVITCH

- LEMAR (IUEM Brest): Nathalie MORATA


  • Research programmes:

- MERMEX-Fleuves (WP3 de MERMEX), C.Rabouille LSCE-Gif/Yvette, Rhône River

- MARHONE (Eccorev), O.Radakovitch CEREGE-Aix, Rhône River

- ESCOFAR (EC2CO/IPEV 2014), P.Kerhervé, Arctic fjord of Svalbard. Article (AFP-Sc&Avenir), photo, photo 2., film

- MORTIMER (CNRS-LEFE), J-F Rontani, MIO-Marseille, degradation (photo and auto-oxidations) of the POM

- GRANOFLUX (EC2CO-DRIL), W.Ludwig, characteristics of the riverine particles


  • Other functions:

Member of the University Academic Council, Research Committee / Conseil académique, Commission Recherche

Member of the board in charge of: Licence 2 STE+BioEco and Master 2 GMEA

Member of board of external doctoral thesis / Membre du jury de thèse extérieure:

 - Christos Panogiotopoulos (LMGM, Luminy-Marseille, Resp. Thèse: M.Bianchi). "Distribution moléculaire et état de dégradation des sucres combinés dans la matière organique particulaire". Thèse soutenue le 31/10/2002.

     - Flora Toussaint (LSCE-Gif/Yvette, C.Rabouille, thesis defended on the 03/12/2013). Variabilité temporelle des processus biogéochimiques influençant le carbone organique terrigène dans les sédiments du pro-delta du Rhône.

      - Elsa Stetten (UPMC, F.Baudin/A.Prusky, thesis defended on the 24/11/2015). Origine, distribution et réactivé de la matière organique associé aux lobes terminaux du système turbiditique du Congo.

- Xavier Tubau (Université de Barcelone, G.Lastras/M.Canals). Analysis of submarine canyon systems from continental margins with contrasting characteristics, and their role on the transport and accumulation of marine litter. 13/11/2015

     - Marie-Aimeré Galleron (MIO, Univ. Aix-Marseille, O.Radakovitch and J-F. Rontani). Dégradation of terrestrial particulare organic matter discharged by rivers in Mediterranean Sea: processes, interactions and global impacts. 20/09/2016


  • Teaching:

Licence 1 et 2: Paleontology, Environmental crisis & Mass extinction.

Groupe Facebook fermé "Paléontologie évolutive & Crises Environnementales" (pour étudiants et tout autre passionné)

Groupe Facebook fermé "Forum Géosciences" (pour étudiants et tout autre passionné)

Master 1 GMEA: Oceanography, Biogeochemistry

Master 2 GMEA: Marine pollutions, Biogeochimical fluxes, Continent/océan interface, Specificities of the Mediterranean Sea

Groupe Facebook fermé "Master Sciences de la Mer Parcours GMEA UPVD" (pour étudiants et tout autre passionné)


  •  Dernières productions scientifiques:

28   CALLeja M.L., Kerhervé P., Bourgeois S., Kedra X., Leynaert A., DEVRED E., Morata N. (2017). Effect of increase glacier discharge on phytoplankton bloom dynamics and pelagic geochemistry in a high Arctic fjord. In publication in Progress in Oceanography

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