Anne-Sophie Fanget

Anne-Sophie Fanget

PhD Student

PhD Supervisor: Serge Berné, Maria-Angela Bassetti

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Cefrem, Université de Perpignan

52, av. Paul Alduy
66860, Perpignan cedex, France

Tel: 33 (0)4 68 66 17 45
Fax: 33 (0)4 68 66 17 47

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Research interest

My PhD thesis deals with paleoenvironmental reconstructions from Holocene sediment cores from the Rhone prodelta (NW Mediterranean Sea). Using a multi-proxy approach (benthic microfauna (ostracods and foraminifera), organic and inorganic geochemistry, sedimentology), I study the impact of rapid climate changes in the Rhone catchment area and in the marine domain. Through high-resolution seismic and sedimentary facies, I infer the signature of such changes on the stratigraphic architecture of the prodelta. 



Fanget, A.S., Bassetti, M.A., Arnaud, M., Chiffoleau, J.F., Cossa, D., Goineau, A., Fontanier, C., Buscail, R., Jouet, G., Maillet, G.M., Negri, A., Dennielou, B., Berné, S., 2013. Historical evolution and extreme climate events during the last 400 years on the Rhone prodelta (NW Mediterranean). Marine Geology, 346, 375-391.







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